Legislative Recap

When the legislative session began in January, we asked legislators – including those who represent you and your family – to partner with us to support tax reform and ethics reform, invest in our critical infrastructure needs, and oppose a bonding package that would run up our credit card debt. This followed our fight last year to stop legislators from giving themselves pay raises.

Fortunately, we have had fighters standing with us on tax reform, ethics reform, debt, and legislative pay raises. They deserve praise.

But we have also seen some legislators vote the wrong way or even walk away from taking votes on tough issues. And you deserve to know that, too.

Today, we want to let you know how your legislators voted on the following issues:

  • Pay Raises for Legislators
  • Tax Hikes
  • Ethics Reform
  • More Debt

Pay Raises for Legislators

Legislators voting Yes voted themselves a 50% pay raise with your tax dollars.


Screenshot 2015-05-05 14.05.01


Screenshot 2015-05-05 17.08.52Screenshot 2015-05-05 17.09.43Screenshot 2015-05-05 17.10.31

Tax Hikes

Legislators voting Yes supported one of the largest tax increases South Carolina history.


Screenshot 2015-05-05 16.55.39


Ethics Reform


Senators voting No voted FOR ETHICS REFORM that restores the public trust in state government and elected officials by doing away with the practice of legislators investigating themselves. Senators voting Yes voted against ethics reform.

Screenshot 2015-05-05 16.58.33


House members voting Yea voted for ethics reform. House members voting Nay voted against ethics reform.

More Debt

Senators voting Aye voted to run up our state’s credit card debt by more than $236 million in a year when we already have more than $400 million in additional Revenues coming into Columbia.

Screenshot 2015-05-06 08.40.11