South Carolina:

Governor Nikki Haley Just Proposed the


in the history of our state!

Now, we are finally able to compete with Tennessee, Florida, and Texas who have no income tax, and North Carolina and Georgia who have lower income tax rates than we do now.

And it gets better:

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It’s also the largest single
investment in our roads!

You see a tax cut every year
you get to drive on safe roads! 

The Plan

Cut our state income tax rate from 7% to 5% over the next decade. That’s a nearly 30% reduction in state income taxes. 

get rid of the legislatively elected transportation commission & stop wasting our money. 

Increase the gas tax by ten cents over the next three years and dedicate that money entirely toward improving our roads. 

Even with an increase in the gas tax, it’s still one of the

Largest Tax Cuts in state history!


Do you want the Largest Tax Cut Ever?

A. No. In fact, it’s just the opposite, which is why conservatives like Sen. Jim DeMint, Grover Norquist, and the South Carolina Club For Growth have come out fully in favor of the plan.Here are the facts: 

1) The Haley Plan cuts taxes every single year it is implemented.

2) In year ten, the Haley Plan will cut taxes by $1.4 billion annually.

3) When all is said and done, by the tenth year, the Haley Plan will have cut taxes by more than $5.5 billion – the largest tax cut in South Carolina history.

A. Yes. In fact, the Haley Plan will amount to the largest single investment in South Carolina’s roads and bridges in state history. Current estimates have the cost to ‘stop the decline’ of our roads, a huge infrastructure issue, at $1.3 billion over the next 10 years. This plan funds that and much, much more, investing an additional $2.2. billion over the next decade for improvements above and beyond what we need to maintain our current condition. Again, it is the largest investment in roads and bridges in South Carolina history.
A. No. Our gas tax currently stands at 16 cents per gallon, the third lowest in the country and significantly lower than Georgia and North Carolina, our two neighbors. This gives us an important competitive advantage when it comes to recruiting and growing businesses. Georgia’s gas tax is currently at 28.5 cents per gallon, lower than North Carolina’s but higher than ours. If we raise our gas tax by more than 10 cents per gallon, we will equal or surpass Georgia’s tax level and lose our competitive advantage.
A. No. The legislation we are proposing will cut the state income tax by 30 percent over ten years, to the tune of about $170 million per year. These cuts will be automatic, just as the small business tax cuts implemented over the last few years have been.
A. Absolutely. 

First, our government has grown significantly over the last few years. Since 2009, the size of our general fund has grown by almost $1.3 billion, or a little more than $256 million each year. Going back further, over ten years, which includes the Great Recession, the budget has grown by an average of $103 million.

What that means is that, if things continue as they have recently the tax cut will be paid for in its entirety – with money to spare. And even if we have a repeat one of the worst economic situations our state has seen in more than half a century, more than half our income tax cut will be paid for simply by not spending more money. And beyond that, we can all agree that our state government can use a little trimming if it means South Carolinians can keep more of their hard earned dollars.

A. On average, South Carolinians will see $689 every year in lower taxes. That’s a semester of books for a college student. Or two years of internet service at home for a South Carolina family. Or a year of school lunches at a South Carolina public school. It’s real money. And it matters.

See who’s been supportive of the plan 

“Governor Haley continues to show why she’s a national conservative leader. She deserves credit for promoting tax reform that provides opportunity for all South Carolinians, and rejecting favoritism by taking on the transportation bureaucracy. Reforms like this make our state more economically competitive with our neighbors. It’s a great step forward for South Carolina.”

Senator Jim DeMint, President of the Heritage Foundation

“‘Governor Nikki Haley has proven time and again to be a tremendous defender of taxpayers. This latest proposal demonstrates that she recognizes the need for pro-growth, rate-reducing tax reform. It also stands in stark contrast to President Obama, who used his recent address to call for hundreds of billions in higher taxes. Once again, Governor Haley shows us that the best policy reforms are coming out of the states.’”

Grover Norquist, President of Americans for Tax Reform

“South Carolina’s business community praises the governor for understanding that maintaining and improving our infrastructure is an important part of the economic climate and job creation. We appreciate the governor outlining a proposal and her willingness to lead in finding a path to providing more resources for our infrastructure and at the same time reducing the tax burden on South Carolinians.”

S.C. Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Ted Pitts

“We hope that the Legislature will take the governor’s plan seriously and pass it quickly. The road map outlined by these recommendations will not only improve roads but the quality of life for South Carolinians.”

S.C. Club for Growth

“Governor Haley presented a bold initiative to invest in our future. The Governor’s call can lead to more jobs, more tourists, better roads and safer bridges.”

Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Brad Dean