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I want to begin by saying, THANK YOU!

Thanks to your support and recent contribution, our campaign is catching FIRE.

→ Fox News just released a poll showing my support has DOUBLED in the GOP primary!

→ I’m the only candidate STOMPING on Biden by 4 points in the general election!

→ I’m placing SECOND in New Hampshire & South Carolina, and my support has DOUBLED in Iowa.

Thanks to you, we’re rising to the TOP, but we can’t stop now.

We have to keep our heads down and pour 100% into each day. 

That’s why I’m in New Hampshire RIGHT NOW holding two town halls and filing for the New Hampshire GOP primary ballot TOMORROW!

There’s still a lot more work to be done, but I’m going to keep my head down, outwork everyone around me, shake every hand, amplify my message, and do whatever it takes to save our country!

I’m so grateful for grassroots supporters like you who have already made a huge difference in building a winning campaign and I know grassroots supporters, like you, are going to help me finish STRONG and WIN.

I can’t wait for what’s in store for our journey together as we fight to make America strong and proud again!

My very best,

Nikki R. Haley

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