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Join Kelly Nieuwenhuis in supporting Nikki Haley

Hi, this is Kelly Nieuwenhuis, Co-Chair of Farmers for Nikki & lifelong IA farmer. I’m supporting Nikki Haley for President, read why:

As an Iowa farmer, I’ve seen how the government can work for the people — and against them.

Today, there is a lot more of the latter than the former. Look at Congress. Look at President Joe Biden. There’s chaos on the border, overseas, in our communities, and on our farms.

This is why we need a tough, experienced leader who will take command on all the issues, setting the tone for Americans and the world.

I believe Nikki Haley is that leader.

Nikki has put forth comprehensive plans on a range of issues, from foreign policy to the economy to securing our southern border. Just as importantly, she has a firm grasp of concerns specific to Iowa. She’s called for an all-of-the-above energy strategy that increases production across the board from oil to natural gas to renewable energy to biofuels. She’s committed to supporting the Renewable Fuel Standard and making E15 available to consumers year-round.

She’s gone above and beyond to visit our farms and hold town halls with our farmers. She understands how inflation is choking family farms, from the cost of fuel to fertilizer. Everything costs more and farmers across Iowa are struggling. She has a plan to tackle inflation and has called for eliminating the federal gas and diesel tax.

Nikki has seen firsthand how excessive government regulation has made it harder for farmers to do their job. She supports repealing the estate tax, so farmers aren’t penalized for passing their life’s work to their children. Joe Biden’s costly rule regulating our waterways, known as WOTUS. As president, Nikki will repeal Biden’s expensive green mandates and let farmers do what they do best — take care of their land and feed and fuel the world.

I know that Nikki will keep farmers top of mind as president because she did it as governor of South Carolina. Agribusiness is South Carolina’s largest economic sector. Nikki treated her farmers as partners and agriculture businesses hit double-digit growth in the Palmetto State when she was governor.

And her support for farmers doesn’t stop there.

Nikki’s extensive foreign policy experience has informed her belief that “food security is national security” and protecting our farmers is one of the best ways to ensure safety at home and abroad.

I’m not just supporting Nikki because of my day job. With all the chaos in the world and in America, I’ve endorsed Nikki because I know she will bring strong and stable leadership to the White House — something we are lacking right now.

Nikki’s demeanor and track record of delivering strong conservative results is exactly what America needs. We have an opportunity to reject the drama and mayhem of the past, and chart a new course with a new generation of leadership. If we choose wisely, we can have Nikki Haley, a tough, principled, and yes — normal — leader who will fight for a better future for all of us — including Iowa farmers.

Kelly Nieuwenhuis


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