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The best next president? Here’s MY verdict! JUDGE JUDY delivers a no-nonsense (and VERY surprising) ruling on the White House race

January 19, 2024
| DailyMail by Judge Judy Sheindlin

I’ve seen a lot of politicians come and go during my life, and I am not someone who suffers fools.

It takes a lot for me to support any one candidate so strongly. But Nikki Haley’s integrity, intelligence, energy, and experience speak for themselves. And I know that she’s more than ready to take on the world’s toughest job as President of the United States.

In a sharply divided southern state, Haley was elected not once, but twice as Governor of South Carolina. As the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, she distinguished herself with tough leadership and a powerful defense of American interests.

What I admire most is that she’s always sought consensus – not with watered-down compromise, but with common sense solutions. And she gets results, not with baloney and bravado, but with hard, clear-eyed work.

Simply, Nikki Haley is the only candidate in the 2024 race with true executive gravitas.

Trump was elected President with zero political experience. While no one should deny his acumen as a businessman, he is not a leader.

A leader unites people, instead of dividing them. A leader protects the nation from chaos, instead of creating it. A leader projects moral authority and sets ethical standards for our children and grandchildren. Donald Trump does none of what America needs in this critical moment.

As for Joe Biden, I’ve never seen greatness or anything close to it in his 53-year political career.

Just consider the last three years. He’s actively encouraged illegal immigration – leaving states, cities, and towns in chaos and on the brink of financial disaster. We need strong national leadership to bring this nightmare to an end.

At home, Americans are struggling with punishing inflation, a housing crisis, and a palpable fear that our best days as a nation are behind us.

Abroad, we’re embroiled in horrific military conflicts that we could and should have prevented. Do you really believe Biden has the focus and drive to solve any of these problems? He created them in the first place!

We need new leadership, new ideas, and a renewed commitment to the idea that, as Americans, there’s far more that unites us than divides us. So I urge you to join me in supporting Nikki Haley.

It’s easy to imagine her in the White House, making a difference and re-establishing American strength.

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