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Judd Gregg: The nation needs Nikki Haley: A strong leader who can win

October 25, 2023
| Union Leader by Judd Gregg

IT WAS a great honor and privilege for Kathy and me to serve New Hampshire for more than 32 years. During that time, some truths became apparent but still seem to have been ignored or forgotten.

The first, and most obvious, is that if you can’t win elections, you can’t govern.

At the national level, Republicans have now lost the Senate twice when we should not have. We have lost the presidency when we should not have. We have lost numerous local and state elections when we should not have.

As a result, we have seen a demonstrable shift in our national government towards progressive policies that undermine our fiscal strength, our market economy, and our individual liberties.

This must stop. We need a presidential candidate who can win!

Nikki Haley is an exceptionally strong leader. She has the vitality, ability, experience, and character to bring not only our party together but importantly the nation together.

Nikki is a leader in the tradition of Ronald Reagan, who I had the pleasure to serve with. She brings an infectious enthusiasm to the cause of making America a better place to live, raise a family, and work.

She is a true fiscal conservative who understands that we are putting our children’s and their children’s future at risk if the current President and his minions continue down the road of adding massive deficits and debt.

Equally important, she knows how to deal with the widening crises that are inflaming the world. No other candidate has her background. Nikki brings a unique and much needed real world, rational view to the international issues that require America’s attention if we are to protect our interests and those of our allies.

The American people deserve a Republican candidate for president who will deliver a positive, effective, upbeat, conservative message.

They seek real leadership and Nikki Haley delivers that type of leadership.

New Hampshire, because of our unique and appropriate role as the “first in the nation,” has a special obligation to our party and to the country to select a strong leader.

We have always exercised this charge seriously. In choosing Nikki Haley, New Hampshire can once again fulfill that responsibility.

Nikki Haley will lead our party in a way that will not only allow us to obtain the respect of the American people but will give opportunity, hope, and strong leadership to our country.

Our party needs someone who can win and lead.

Nikki Haley is that person.

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