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John Reagan: Nikki Haley has my endorsement because she gets it done.

August 08, 2023
| New Hampshire Union Leader by John Reagan

EVERY politician makes promises but very few of our leaders have a track record of keeping promises. And in the current race for the White House, even fewer have already done what they promise to do if elected.

That’s why I’m backing Nikki Haley. I recently met her at David Tille’s Summer House Party. She discussed her time as a state legislator, as a two-term conservative governor, and her extensive foreign policy experience, earned as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations. After she talked about what she’s done, she talked about what she’ll do as president: Bring back an America that’s strong and proud.

Then it hit me that she’s already done everything she says she’ll do. She’s made America stronger and prouder in every position she’s ever held. And if we put her in the White House, she’ll take our country to extraordinary heights.

Look at Nikki’s life for proof. To start, she says she can beat the odds in a crowded field. She already did that when she primaried a 30-year incumbent in the South Carolina legislature. She started with low polls but then she proved the doubters wrong. And in the process, she made her state proud. As a lawmaker, Nikki promised to deliver transparency. She succeeded. She fought against her own party to put every legislative vote on the record, because South Carolinians deserved to know how their representatives voted 100% of the time. She got transparency across the finish line, and South Carolina is stronger for it.

Then there’s Nikki’s time as governor. She watched her state struggle when the textile industry went overseas. Instead of complaining, Nikki took action. She cut taxes and red tape and put workforce development at the heart of education.

It worked. Large companies like Boeing flocked to the state and small businesses put their roots down in South Carolina’s small towns and cities. Nikki oversaw the creation of 85,000 jobs. More than 35,000 people moved from welfare to work. When she left, the state was at full employment, which people said would never happen.

South Carolina is stronger and prouder for Nikki Haley’s leadership.

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