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Haley Releases Plan for American Energy Dominance

June 08, 2023

STANTON, Texas – Following an oil rig tour, presidential candidate Nikki Haley rolled out her energy plan to increase American energy production and jobs here at home. She criticized Joe Biden’s war on American energy and his weakness internationally. A strong energy policy is essential to America’s economic and national security.

President Nikki Haley will unleash American energy by:

  1. Stopping the demonization of the oil and gas industries, and empowering American producers to produce more at home.
  2. Getting the government out of the way.
  3. Speeding up permitting and building of interstate pipelines and making sure the EPA and radical environmental groups do not stop new energy projects.
  4. Rolling back Biden’s wasteful green energy subsidies and regulations. 
  5. Standing up to energy dictators in Russia, Iran, and Venezuela. 
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