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When Nikki took office, she promised the people of South Carolina that she would eat, sleep and breathe job creation. Harnessing the power of South Carolina’s unique assets – outstanding companies, a loyal and dedicated workforce, and a competitive business environment – that’s what she has done. “Not since Carroll Campbell have we had such a great salesman for the state of South Carolina,” Senate Majority Leader Harvey Peeler said.

Our economy is coming back. Tax relief and tort reform have given our businesses room to grow. “South Carolina’s ‘pro-business attitude’ and solid labor force played a part in Michelin’s decision to add jobs to two regions in this state,” said Michelin’s chairman and president Pete Selleck according to news reports.

Our jobless rate has dropped to a new 13-year low, we’ve announced more than 56,000 jobs in 45 of 46 counties, and South Carolina tops the list as one of the fastest growing economies in the nation. “It’s a revival…We’re turning the corner in terms of job creation and manufacturing,” one University of South Carolina economist said to a reporter.

According to The Charleston Post and Courier, “Gov. Haley has proven herself over the last two years on economic development.”

Nikki’s fight to take care of the businesses we have and recruit new ones to our state is paying off, and South Carolina is on the move!


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